More of our own psalms

Reflection on retirement while on holiday

 What Lord? What Lord would you have me do?

 I am not a skilled potter able to make the most beautiful vase or a teapot- the biggest in the world.

 I love to be drawn into watercolour paintings and imagine the scent of wet grass drying in the field or the hot tensing muscles of working farm animals.

 I like to think I appreciate the finest food- well at least the fusion of East and Western delights served up on pieces of rock; sampled in some fine dining, glorious place, as recommended in the latest blog.

 I look forward to singing your praises each week, with the modern, varied flow of a tune which demands attention.

 I can cut timber to fashion a shelf, install a door or make a repair; but carve an altar screen or a high cornice in a grand old house, not my high calling.

 I can look to appreciate; paint to decorate but not show skill in fine art; eat for my pleasure but not cook in celebration of another; sing to make a collective devotion but not play a tune to thrill an audience; use tools but not for monetary gain or help the world.

 We are still here Lord, others we knew are not. We can spend the day caring for flowers, hoping for showers or just sit with our feet cooling in the spa. We’re pet lovers; they don’t complain much, are humble, live simple lives. So many horses and lesser animals than us, need sanctuary care. Or we could spend time reading your book to learn what others have done in your name, on your behalf.

 But one thing is sure, we are here, on this GPS spot. We’re ready to learn. Our senses are keen, if not wholly first class. There’s an awesome world to see and new people to meet. We have the time, the vehicular transportation to go. Just tell us to where and to do what Lord, please!


Reflections on some pictures

A compilation from ‘Draw near to God’

by Rita, Jenny, Nick, Rebekah, John, Jennifer

You, O Lord, are the Creator of the world and as we look around and think about Your creation we see reminders of Your care, Your beauty, Your perfection, Your provision, Your power, Your gentleness, Your presence, Your glory, Your love.

You look out for us like a cheetah guarding her young or a huge matriarchal elephant shadowing her calf. You are strong and mighty yet You care for Your children with intense gentleness. You provide for all You have made. We can rest in peace and contentment, like the wild animals, secure and free in Your love.

How wonderful is Your care!

The flowers in the garden delight us with their different colours, shapes, patterns and sometimes perfume. You made the beautiful flowers even though they only live for a few hours or days. Your beauty transcends that of the flowers, the trees, the colourful skies.

The earth reflects Your glory!

You Lord almighty are perfect like the perfection of symmetry in a reflection; a reflection in a calm pool beside which we can rest in Your shadow.

Your wisdom and guidance move us along like the wind blowing into a sail. The boat is blown across the waves of a deep sea. The waves can be calm or raging but You are there in the vastness of the ocean. We listen for Your still, small voice through the storms in our lives. The storms can make us afraid but You are there, You will never leave us or forsake us.

Your Spirit is like a roaring wind, unseen yet all powerful and filling everything with Your presence.

We marvel at the skies with different cloud patterns, amazing, dramatic colours in sunsets! Dark and deep at night but after a while we begin to see countless numbers of stars, or the moon’s reflected light. There is nowhere too dark for You, even in the darkest parts of our lives the glory of Your presence is there for us to find.

Thank You for all You created, help us to continue learning about You from all that we see, hear, touch, taste and smell in Your wonderful world!

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