Our Daily Walk with Jesus

David’s Story from The Difference Jesus Makes

Who is God? What is God? One things for sure, we cannot prove his existence. As the Bible says faith pleases God and we have to believe in faith that He exists. Well I have more or less always believed in His existence right from a young age. This was certainly proved when my wife and I experienced the presence of Jesus in an almost unbelievable way over thirty years ago. In our ignorance at the time we asked for the infilling (baptism in the Spirit). Jesus as good as His word     responded.

This undergirded our walk with Jesus and I believe resulted in a satisfying life. Thinking about this reminded me of my experience in business. Trying to follow Jesus and at the same time carry out an honest business. This at times has been difficult but God always comes up with the goods. In early days I was threatened by a competitor that he would run me out of business by flooding the area with cut price products. Few years later his Business was closed down. I guess God answered my prayers.

A lot later I was compulsorily purchased. Whilst negotiating for new premises trying to get agreement with a third party they did the nasty on me. In frustration I backed out only to be offered another deal which was successful. The other party completely lost out. The irony was that we did a deal later on and things were made good. God through that was awesome and my faith was increased tenfold. How great is our God (Jesus) I’m still finding out and like the universe it never ends.


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