What a Wonderful World!

From HAVEN NEWS Autumn 2017

Some things in the world just leap out at you. For some people it may be a glorious sunset. For others it can be the beauty of the night sky. The sheer power unleashed in lightning storms and waves crashing on the shore can take our breath away. Other people are struck by the beauty of flowers, growing wild or skilfully arranged, or in intricate close up.

Most people smile when they see cute furry animals.  There is something which warms your heart seeing and touching  baby animals. In the UK around half of households keeps a pet, with around 8.5 million dogs and 8 million cats. Even people who wouldn’t want a pet of their own find it difficult to resist the cuddliness of tiny puppies and kittens like these eight week old bundles of fur. What a wonderful world!

Even more amazing than all of these is the privilege of holding a tiny baby, a few hours or a few days old. Looking at the perfectly-formed eyes and ears as the baby clings on to your finger with her tiny hand. Then watching her grow and begin to smile and to feed herself and to talk and to walk. Exploring and discovering the world for herself. Babies and toddlers and children have this sense of awe and wonder at the world which adults sometimes forget. Sunsets and stars, spaniels and smiling babies – praise God for such a  wonderful world!

All things bright and beautiful – all creatures great and small.
All things wise and wonderful – the Lord God made them all!


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