God Speaks to us Today


As a 46 year old mum with two teenagers, there are times when life gets extremely hectic!  One particular week, my son was on study leave and doing exams.  He’d been up each night revising in the lounge, and I’d not slept well for several nights.  Consequently we’d all overslept on the Wednesday morning.  At 8 AM we were woken by a phone call from a colleague my husband gives a lift to, wondering where he was!  My car was being fixed at the garage so I grabbed a banana on my way out, cycled to work as fast as possible and arrived with only minutes to spare!  I hadn’t managed any make-up, and I felt “out of sorts” all day, but somehow managed to get through that day and the rest of the frantic week!

That weekend I was due to go on a retreat at Pilgrim’s Hall which I’d booked months ahead.  After catching up on sleep, I started to read and pray.  I had taken my own Bible reading notes with me, and a new book that I’d wanted to study.  As I started to read the dated study notes, I was thrilled to discover that the verses and commentary set for that Saturday and Sunday had particular relevance to my situation at that time.  So I spend some time thinking about those things, and thanking God for the relevance of his message to me.  Then, I opened the other book I had taken. This book had no connection with the Bible study notes, so I was completely astounded to discover that it was referring to the same bible passage, and was giving me additional insights which were also extremely relevant to me.

It was then that I remembered the Bible verse, “All the days ordained for me were written in your book one of them came to be.” (Psalm 139 verse 16).  God had planned the retreat months in advance just when He knew I’d most need it; He’d arranged that He’d speak to me the same loving message from two totally separate sources, and by doing this He allowed me to feel His tender compassion, love and care for me – just an ordinary working mum!         Rebekah


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